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Journeys is a free, six-week, online course for all postgraduate students (both UCT and other institutions). The course is designed as a generic resource to support students’ research writing.


During the course you will, 


  • Complete weekly writing tasks, with additional tools to support your progress

  • Work with feedback from an experienced writing mentor and from fellow participants 

  • Use the space to trial ideas towards a self-determined writing goal

Course dates 2024:

4 Mar- 11 Apr

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27 May – 4 July

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2 Sept – 10 Oct

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Testimonials from previous attendees

'This course provides a fresh perspective about one's research. Looking at the research project from many dimensions is essential in consolidating one's interest and curiosity about their chosen topics.'

'This is the core because without the basics, the is no direction.'


'What interested me most was more of writing tasks. It made me to be accountable to the task at hand. Although I didn't find time to discuss with mentors and peers, task writing made me to achieve a lot in a space of 4 weeks.'

'Almost all the materials and resources were supportive and useful for me.'

'I would definitely recommend this course. I gained so much.'



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