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As part of our writing courses and resources we invite you to think about writing in the following way:
​we don't write in isolation....
we are connected to our personal histories, our social contexts....
and to the ideas, concepts and theories we have encountered so far


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writing your world: finding yourself in the academic space

This online course shows you how to develop the academic skills needed to be a competent academic writer. This is a gateway course aimed at anyone exploring their options to study at university. Students in their final year of high school or those taking a gap year or professionals moving back into the academic space could use the course to familiarise themselves with university expectations, particularly with regard to academic writing in English. The course may also be of interest to anyone wishing to engage with debates around identity, culture and mobility in an ever-changing world.

navigating research writing 

The main focus is an intensive, highly interactive four day face-to-face course. It is blended with a three week follow up of optional online support that will assist you to complete a 1200 word written product of your choice. During the course you will:

- understand and articulate your research in an exploratory written product of your choice (eg a part of the proposal or literature review)
- develop a research identity with an exciting group of researchers

- make arguments and sustain a strong writer’s voice
- work with the knowledge of others
There is a small fee for the course, R800 for UCT students and R1600

for external participants.

A small number of

sponsorships are


Course dates:

1st run: 24-27 March 2020

Catherine Hutchings on 

or Sean Samson on

2nd run: 17-20 November 2020

For more information email

Sean Samson on

or Catherine Hutchings on

journeys in research writing 



It is a free, five-week, online course for all postgraduate students, and is designed as a generic resource to support students’ research writing. During the course, you will:


- complete weekly writing tasks, building up to a written piece of your choice
- have access to resources on research writing
- have access to a writing mentor who will offer guidance

- receive feedback from your peers
- give your writing a boost to help you complete a small writing task of your choice

Course dates:

1st run: 10 March - 10 April 2020

For more information email

Sean Samson on

or Catherine Hutchings on

2nd run: 26 May - 26 June 2020

For more information email

Sean Samson on

or Catherine Hutchings on

3rd run: 24 August -

25 September 2020

For more information email

research writing in the sciences

This four-week blended course is for postgraduate students in Science, Health Science and Engineering. Research Writing in the Sciences will give you the guided opportunity to practice writing in forms other than the thesis, specifically journal articles, abstracts and popular science writing. Besides the three contact mornings, and three writing afternoons, the course happens online. There is a small fee for the course.

For more information email

research writing companion

The Research Writing Companion is an online portal that accompanies you on your research journey – helping you to hone your researcher voice over time. RWC provides you with an assortment of research writing tools you can use as is, or adapt to your needs. RWC also connects you to other researchers, and allows you to create, share and access a wide range of content. Register and join here

further resources 



Talk to a writing consultant:

The Writing Centre on Upper Campus

The Faculty of Health Sciences Writing Lab

Join a writing community:

Writing Circles: writing spaces where students come together from across disciplines to share ideas, talk through problems and receive support from peers. For more information email

For more postgraduate workshops visit



Consider whether the statements below describe your writing experiences and needs.
- Think about those offerings suited to where you're at in your writing journey
- What are other ways of describing your experiences with writing and your context? 


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